Webinar Schedule and Participant Guide

Dates and Join Link

Thurs Jan 12, 2023, 7-8:30pm Eastern, and each Thurs after that until the final webinar on Thurs Feb 16, 2023. Please mark these dates and times in your calendar! If you miss the live webinars, the recordings will be posted in Teachable, under the appropriate week of the course afterward.

To access the webinars, you will simply need to click on the webinar join link posted at the beginning of week one. We will also send it out weekly in an email from Lynn Bliven.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Market Possibilities and Strategies

Topics covered: Navigating in Teachable (our online classroom), course expectations, student introductions, sheep management systems and how they relate to marketing, your farm resources and the rest of your life. Lambing at different times of year as well as how many times a year will be addressed.

Week 2: Matching Nutrition for Age & Stage 

Topics covered: Considerations for determining feeding styles, feeders and grouping of animals, forage analysis, the value of good forages, and the management of forage handling to minimize waste while maintaining quality. A little pasture introduction will be included as well.

Week 3: Pasture, Parasites and Predators 

Topics covered: 3P’s of sheep production – management tools to improve pasture quality, reduce parasite issues, and minimize predator losses. Grazing can be an integral part of sheep farming. Learn about rotational grazing, fencing types, guardian animals, evasive grazing to control parasites, pasture improvement, how to measure the dry matter in your pasture and where to get a grazing plan.

Week 4: Health Management 

Topics covered: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Development of a flock health program, including planning to prevent health problems, vaccinations, foot care, biosecurity, and purchasing animals, developing a vet relationship, medicine storage, quality assurance programs.

 Week 5: Record Keeping, identification methods, and selection methods to meet your goals 

Topics covered: Planning and record keeping, computer programs, resources to get you started and/or further develop plans for improving your sheep enterprise.

Week 6: Financial Considerations of Sheep Farming and a quick look at Housing and Handling Systems 

Topics covered: Creating a business, budgeting and financial planning for sheep farms, and decision making. Also a quick look at proper handling, basics of sheep behavior, space requirements, site selection, feeder and water placement, and housing options.

Webinar Participants' Guide

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