Webinar Schedule and Participant Guide

Webinar Dates

Starting on Mon, Nov 2, 2020 from 6:30 - 8pm Eastern, we will have a live weekly webinar each week for 6 weeks, ending on Dec 7, 2020.

Please mark these dates and times in your calendar! If you miss the live webinars, the recordings will be posted in the course afterward.

To access the webinars, you will simply need to click on the webinar join link that is posted in each week of the course. This link only works on the appointed day and time for that webinar, so while you can try clicking it sooner, it won't open the webinar meeting for you. You may also join our webinars from a mobile device by installing the Zoom app. Then, along with the webinar join link each week, we'll post the meeting ID. This is a 9-digit number you would need to enter in your Zoom app to join the live session with us.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Getting Started with Pigs

Topics covered: Like all of these presentations, this is a discussion, not a lecture, so participation is highly encouraged. In this first installment we will go over the basics of raising pigs and what you will need to get started and to be successful with these unique animals.

Week 2: Pastured Pigs Perils and Pitfalls

Topics covered: Drawing on the experiences of many that have come before us we will review the most common mistakes that growers make when transitioning to or designing their outdoor pig production system.

Week 3: Keeping Your Pigs Healthy

Topics covered: This module will review the most common problems and ailments that affect pigs, how to keep your animals thriving through all of the seasons, and best practices for farrowing and surgical procedures.

Week 4: Marketing Your Products

Topics covered: Once you have market-ready animals you still need to get them to a processor. There are many different ways to sell your pigs whether it is live, in halves or wholes, as roasters, and or as retail cuts in a market setting. This module will review the NYS laws regarding processing pigs, the pluses and minuses of selling live vs. retail, and best practices when dealing with meat lockers and customer preferences.

Week 5: Case Studies

Topics covered: In this module we will watch videos and live interviews with other pig growers in the area. These producers will help us understand why they got into (or out of) the business of pigs, what has worked best for them, and what the future may hold for this type of business.

Week 6: Putting It All Together

Topics covered: Our last module together will be a review of the topics that we have discussed in the previous meetings as well as a discussion on the use of social media and promotional materials to sell yourself and your products, but the class does not end there. Upon completion of the course you are encouraged to join our pig group where you can speak with other like-minded producers, find out about pig-related field days, and get help from a national network of farmers.

Webinar Participants' Guide

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