Webinar Schedule and Participants' Guide

Webinar Dates

Starting on Tues Nov 3, 2020 from 7-8:30pm Eastern, we will have a live weekly webinar each Tuesday for 6 weeks, ending on Dec 8. Please mark these dates and times in your calendar! If you miss the live webinars, the recordings will be posted in the course afterward.

At the top of each week of the course here in Teachable, you will find a link posted that will connect you to the webinar at the appointed time. If you will be joining the webinars from a mobile device, please go to the app store of your choice and download the Zoom app. To join the meeting from your Zoom app, you will simply open your app and enter the meeting ID provided here in Teachable with the weekly webinar link.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Site Selection

We will begin the course with a discussion on how to evaluate the quality of your site and soil using visual observation and several different physical and chemical tests. This is an extremely important topic for the successful establishment of a perennial crop.

Week 2: Berry Farm Business

This week you will gain understanding of basic business necessities for the new berry farmer to consider.

Week 3: Strawberries

Laura McDermott is the berry specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension's Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program will lead the discussion on strawberry production. 

Week 4: Blueberries

Jim O’Connell will provide a brief overview of blueberries (types, soil needs, etc.), and then guest speaker Kevin Clark of Rose Hill Farm in Red Hook, NY, will give an overview of the farm operations, focusing on blueberries.

Week 5: Raspberries

Course instructor Amy Ivy will focus on cultural systems of raspberries, including pruning, recommended varieties, and pest management.

Week 6: Lesser Known Berry Crops & Marketing Considerations

The week will focus on lesser known berry crops and their culture. Jon-Erik Koko-Schellenberg, of Black Creek Farm, will lead the discussion.

How to Join Zoom

Review the document below for more detailed instructions on how to use the webinar technology.

Zoom Participant’s Guide.pdf