Webinar Schedule and Participant Guide

Webinar Dates

Starting on Tues Sept 22, 2020 from 6:30 - 8pm Eastern, we will have a live weekly webinar each week for 6 weeks, ending on Tues Oct 27, 2020. Please mark these dates and times in your calendar! If you miss the live webinars, the recordings will be posted in the course afterward.

To access the webinars, you will simply need to click on the webinar join link that is posted in the Weekly Resources section of this course. This link only works on the appointed day and time for the webinar, so while you can try clicking it sooner, it won't open the webinar meeting for you.

You may also join our webinars from a mobile device by installing the official Zoom app from your preferred app store. Then, when it's time for a webinar, simply open your Zoom app and enter the 9-digit meeting ID that will be posted along with the webinar link.

Weekly Topics

Our weekly webinars are designed to expose you to a wide range of farmers, farming styles, enterprises, and business models.

First webinar: Erica Frenay, Course Overview and Getting Started in Farming

Join course facilitator Erica Frenay for an intro to the course, course expectations, Plan Your Farm Hub, history and modern-day context of US farming, overview of farming as a business and how to get started farming.

Second webinar: Erica Frenay, Shelterbelt Farm

Review of Week 1 homework and questions; then Erica will share Shelterbelt Farm's start-up process, focusing especially on how her family's values have shaped their decision-making and goal-setting.

Third webinar: Electra Jarvis, Green Food Solutions

Review of Week 2 homework and questions; then we will be joined by Electra Jarvis, who will turn your idea of what it means to be a farm on its head. Electra owns no land and doesn't attend markets, but makes her living from hydroponic veggie towers in an urban setting. Even if this doesn't look anything like what you envision for your farm, I encourage you to attend this session to listen for lessons and ideas that may apply no matter what type of farm you will have.

Fourth webinar: Rafa Aponte, Rocky Acres Community Farm

Review of Week 3 homework and questions; then Rafa Aponte will share his farm's start-up story and evolution. Rocky Acres Community Farm, located in Freeville, NY, combines the spirit of activism with the transformative healing aspects of nature. Rafa has a deep commitment to education, food justice, and sovereignty. His interest in health and community was informed by his own experiences growing up in the South Bronx. As a graduate of Farm School NYC, he moved to Tompkins County, NY to create Rocky Acres Community Farm. The farm focuses on education and the sustainable production of local vegetables, herbs, and meat for low-income communities.

Fifth webinar: Faith Gilbert, Letterbox Farm Collective

Review of Week 4 homework; then Faith Gilbert will tell the story of Letterbox Farm. Letterbox is a diversified organic farm in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley. Collectively, the Letterbox owners grow vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers + raise chickens, pigs and rabbits for market and their full diet CSA. They also host place-based celebrations in their fields and love to research. Faith will share the Letterbox start-up story, and how this collective manages its finances and decision-making, and management roles on the farm.

Sixth webinar: Amanda David, Rootwork Herbals, Bramble Apothecary, and the BIPOC Community Garden, + Student Presentations, Wrap-Up, and Next Steps

We will review everything covered in the course so far, then have an opportunity to hear from Amanda David, an herbalist and entrepreneur. We'll have a couple of brave volunteers share their work in planning start-up of their farm business throughout this course, and hopefully have a few minutes for a final Q&A at the end.

Webinar Participants' Guide

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