FORUM: Tell Us About Your Woods

Commenting is turned off until the next live offering of this course in Fall 2021.

Every forum in this course is developed with a specific idea in mind, and a specific outcome. Your participation in the forum will help you learn more, and enhance the connections you have with other students. 

This forum asks specific questions about your woods. Use this as a way to introduce yourself. What you like and value in your woods describes a bit about who you are. Share pictures if you have them. Read the responses of other students and see what connections you have.

Part 1: When you spend time on your property where do you go, and what do you do? Are there features (e.g., roads, trails, maps, terrain) that make is easier or harder for you to do what you do? What could change on your property to help you? When you think about your woods, what will they produce for you in 5 years?

If you don't currently have a woodlot, consider your ideal woods. What aspects would be most important to you?

Part 2: Describe what you want your land to produce. Discuss any concerns you have about efficiently and sustainably acquiring that production, or why you think you are being efficient and sustainable with your current management.