Can I mail you some free forestry stuff?

I will mail you (at no cost) a couple simple tools that you will need to measure your woods. We will discuss how to measure your woods during the lecture of Week 3. However, I will need your address. It is optional to provide your address, but without your address I won't be able to mail the tools.

The tools are a small plastic card and a 25" special ruler. Please provide below the address to which these items should be mailed. Only my office will have this address and we'll delete your address once we know that you received the items in the mail. We would never, ever, share your address.

Click on the Qualtrics image below to provide your mailing address. Thanks.

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During week three of the class you will benefit by having some forestry measurement tools. I will mail these to you at no cost, but I need your address. Please complete the survey via the link so I have your information. Note that your information is held in full privacy.