ACTIVITY: Make a Stand Map

Now, Create Your Stand Map:

  1. Visit Google Earth Pro and create an account. 
  2. Find your property (or a sample property for the purposes of this exercise) and look at historic images over the last several years. 
  3. Visit and follow the instructions on that site and in the video above to download a .kml file with soil types, and import this into Google Earth Pro. You should now be able to see soil types overlayed on your property in Google Earth Pro. (NOTE: Read the site carefully and don't click on the big green "START NOW" button at the top of the page - this is an ad that will take you away from the page you want)
  4. In Google Earth Pro, draw stand boundaries based on the satellite image, soil types, and your knowledge of the woods. 
  5. Calculate the acreage for each stand.
  6. Share your work with your fellow students!