Google Earth Tutorials for Farmers

Google Earth Pro is a free software program you can download online (just search for it and follow the download instructions.) It is yet another amazing tool for exploring, learning about, and even planning on any piece of land.

In the tutorials below, farmer and educator Steve Gabriel walks you through the basics of how to use Google Earth, and demonstrates some of its potential to help you map out and develop plans for your farm and/or woodlot. From mapping maple sap collection systems to measuring for fence installation, from mapping stands of high-value trees to potential sites for roads, buildings, or ponds, this powerful software program can be a great asset to your management decision-making.

Google Earth For Farmers 1: Download, Basic Functions

Basic information and navigation of Google Earth for Farmers Contact: Steve Gabriel, [email protected]

Google Earth for Farmers 2: Drawing and Measure Tools

Learn to draw points, lines, and shapes. Discover the measure tool to calculate distances, fencing needs, and acreage. CONTACT: Steve Gabriel [email protected]