Continue Your Education: ForestConnect Webinar Archives

Here's a fantastic resource if you want to pursue learning about forests beyond what we have time to cover in this overview course. Webinars began in the ForestConnect program in May 2007 as the first nationally available monthly webinar opportunity. Almost every month since (except August), there has been a webinar. The webinars are archived on Youtube for anyone to view. The ForestConnect YouTube channel contains dozens of relevant and interesting videos for any farmer, woodland owner, or forest manager.

Relevant to the first week of the class BF 150, there are a couple tree identification webinars.


ForestConnect is an educational program of the forestry extension and applied research group at Cornell University and through Cornell Cooperative Extension. The intent is to connect people to the forest, with special attention to the 650,000 woodland owners in New York. All videos here are offered with the intent to educate.

Webinar archive - An Introduction to Tree Identification (by Dr. David McGill, West Virginia University)

Looking Beyond the Leaves: An Introduction to Tree Identification

Look beyond the leaves: an introduction to tree identification This webinar is intended to help people look at and identify woody plants. Many of us are fami...

Webinar archive - Introduction to northeastern hardwoods (by Dr. Peter Smallidge)

Identification and ecology of common northeastern hardwood trees

As winter approaches, learn how to identify trees using the leaves (which are leaving), but also by bark, fruit and twigs. Hardwood trees are a common featur...

Webinar archive - Introduction to the identification of native and naturalized conifers (Dr. Peter Smallidge)

Identification and Ecology of Common Native and Naturalized Conifers in the Northeast

Conifer trees are a common feature of woodlots, forests and landscapes. The value and qualities of trees are determined in part by the type of tree. Knowing ...

Webinar archive - Identifying and controlling invasive plants on forest land (Dave Jackson, Penn State University)

Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants on Forestland

Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants on Forestland This presentation covers the impacts of invasive plants and the characteristics which make them so ...