Farm Skills Checklist and Start-up Plan Template

To those of you who took BF 101, these should look very familiar, but we wanted to re-post for those of you just joining us for BF 102.

Beginning Farmer Skills Checklist

The Farm Skills checklist is by no means comprehensive (otherwise we might scare you away!), but it's a good road map for discovering what you don't know you don't know.

We hope as you take these courses that you will begin to fill up those boxes with checkmarks and build your toolbox of skills for successful farming ventures:

BF Skills Checklist.revised.pdf

Farm Start-up Plan

The Farm Start-up Plan Template is like a pre-business plan. For those of you who aren't quite ready for a full business plan, it's intended to help you think through some of the most critical aspects of your business and start to get them in writing.

Those of you who took BF 101 have hopefully already started on fleshing this out:

Farm Start Up Plan(1).pdf

Here's a Word version in case you want to be able to fill it out on your computer: