Week 1 Webinar Join Link, Slides, and Recording

Live Webinar

On Thurs Jan 14, 2021 at 7pm Eastern we'll have our first live webinar. Please join us 15-30 min early for this session to make sure you are able to log in without difficulty. Make sure to review all the information and materials in "General Course Resources" prior to this week's webinar.

This week we will focus on interacting in Teachable, using Zoom, using the forums, accessing resources and an introduction to planning.

Recording link:


This recording includes breakout groups with only the video of the facilitator, you may want to forward about 10 min or so to get to the discussion part - I will know that for next week to "pause".

The slides for "Overview of Planning" are linked below.

I also have finalized the class roster and just sent everyone an email - please make sure that you have gotten it - a note about this recording. The email should come from [email protected]

2021 BF 102 Overview of Planning.pdf

Slides and Recording from 2021 Webinar will be posted above, in place of the zoom link.