Welcome and Instructor Contact

Welcome to BF 102: Exploring Markets and Profits

We look forward to helping you along in your farm journey! While you have year-round indefinite access to this course, we will only be active in the course for the 6 weeks each Winter when we offer the live webinars, and about a week or two on either end of that time period. So we welcome you to spend time with the resources here anytime you want, but if you want to interact with your fellow learners, get questions answered, or get feedback on your work, we can only promise that while we're actively involved in Jan-Feb.

This course is the second part of learning about what type of farm business you want to start and how you will measure progress. The first part was the BF 101: Starting at Square One course. You can take this course without taking BF 101 first!

The first week of BF 102 is the only week of overlap with BF 101. We want all learners to further refine mission/vision/goals or to start the process and then start on a marketing plan.

Please reach out to us anytime in Jan-Feb with questions or to get feedback on your work. During this time, we aim to reply within 24 hrs (except over weekends):

Beth Claypoole - [email protected]

Joan Petzen - [email protected]